Thursday, February 04, 2010

T-minus; 36 hours

I cycled the new greenbelt extension I discovered Tuesday. As expected my 5.25 mile loop was lengthened one mile. The new distance from my driveway and back is 6.30 miles. It's a nice addition, with the exception of crossing Woodland Hills Drive and Tree Lane. Unfortunately, both of these roads are relatively busy.

From time to time I run another extension to the South of my five mile loop. With any luck I will have a nice seven mile loop with both extensions. Seven is the magic number I’ve been looking for.

Trail Bike:
6.29 miles
11.11 mph

The push-up challenge went well today. For the first time I was able to do more than the minimum on the last set.



Out of the clear blue sky my weight started dramatically dropping. This shocks me, because I'm eating "heavy" in preparation of my goal race. My intake is BMR + 200. This equals 2670 calories per day.


The final race preparation was a one-hour massage. They accidentally scheduled me with the wrong therapist, so I was concerned about the actual benefits of the session. After explaining exactly what I wanted the therapist did a respectable job.

My usual request is a sports massage to my neck, back, legs, and feet. Most therapist are scared they might hurt their client and generally take it too easy to get any real benefit. I gave the therapist detailed instructions to treat the session as a deep-tissue massage, but STOP if they see my squirming. Two muscle groups seemed to be exceptionally sore... bilateral iliotibal bands and distal portion of my trapezius or possibly my erector spinae. Fortunately, the therapist also commented about the symmetrical balance of my muscles.

I spent the better part of 5-6 hours working on my 2010 race schedule yesterday. I'm REALLY excited about these races. This schedule was not built for the weak at heart! Everything is confirmed and on my calendar, I've even requested off for the out of town races. I also spent a few extra minutes and downloaded all the registration forms. I'm hoping to save a few dollars by avoiding online registration fees. All that is left is to train and run the race. Sounds easy enough... right!?!?!

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