Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Damn Dirt Bikes

I’d be in paradise if the weather was this beautiful every day. The last two days have been amazing. Morning lows have been in the upper 30’s with the afternoon highs resting in the upper 50’s.

The small nagging discomfort in my right knee doesn’t seem to want to go away. With five miles on the schedule, I’ve been concerned about the benefits of running at all today. Before starting the afternoon run I decided to wrap a compression wrap around the troublesome knee.

From the minute I wrapped my knee, I noticed a remarkable difference. Andrea and I ran the bayou rim and I had zero pain or discomfort. This has been my best run since running RR50 eleven days prior. With a road marathon less than ten days away, this is promising news.

The run was great until a couple kids buzzed by us on dirt bikes. Motorized vehicles are not allowed anywhere on Kingwood trails, but it’s hard for the officers to police them, since they are usually small which makes it easy for them to evade a full-size police car.

At one time there was an older man with two very young kids behind us and a woman with a three-year old ahead of us. As the bikes approached at high speeds I stopped and stood in their way trying to stop them. The first bike passed within 12-inches of me and without any regard to my attempts to stop him. The second bike slowed down. When I told him to stop (I planned to scare the kids), he simply yelled, “I can’t stop” and he too went around me. Needless to say the event ruined an otherwise spectacular run. My attempts to stop the kids kept them away for 30-minutes, but later I heard the dirt bikes riding on the bayou once again.

These kinds of incidents are progressively stressing me. I’m grumpy enough as it is, I can only imagine what I will be like when I’m older!!!

5.1 miles
10:22 pace

16:31 pace

I FINALLY had a good day on the pull-up bar. Over the duration of the day I was able to complete eight complete pull-ups during six attempts. Five of the sets also included what I call “half pull-up”, which simply means I pull my body up most of the way, but can’t quite get my chin above the bar. I’m only counting the full pull-ups, but I know there is a lot gained with all attempts. The sets looked like this:

Pulls: 8


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