Friday, February 26, 2010

Don't Look

It’s been a beautiful morning, with the exception of a couple isolated thunderstorms.

Small miscommunication with a client left me short a couple miles on my schedule.

When the skies turned dark I laced up my shoes and ran a couple miles on the bayou. I like running in the elements.

I restrained myself from looking at my watch until the last quarter-mile. I didn't look at my watch because I wanted to predict my pace. On roads I’m fairly accurate at pace prediction, but I'm still learning to dial-in my pace on trails. In the end, I was within 45 seconds of my predicted pace.

1.94 miles
9:45 pace

0.26 mile
16:48 pace

Push-up challenge has improved since the week three reset. I finished the workout as prescribed. I even had enough juice left to gut out a few extra push-ups on the last set.

Push-ups: 86

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my weight loss this week, especially while being on Taper. It will be hard to monitor my caloric intake while in New Orleans this weekend, so I’m going to exercise a bit of flexibility. I’ll leave the food scale at home, but I want to continue with two guidelines; NO meat and NO calorie dense drinks (sodas, alcohol, sweet tea, etc). Hopefully, this will keep everything in check.


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