Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cold Rain

I’m always amazed how fast the weather changes in Texas. Yesterday was sunny and cool, absolutely beautiful. Today it has been raining all freaking day and it’s bitterly cold. Fifty miles north of Kingwood, they are reporting sleet and occasional snow flurries. Needless to say, this is not my favorite running conditions.

The wish list of ultra-running gear continues to grow. During a one-hour session in the cold rain I found myself yearning for a breathable outer rain shell. I don’t mind running in rain, which I do often. Running in COLD rain is a whole different story. Brrrr…

The run itself was peachy. No aches or pains during the run. Perhaps I was numb to any discomfort. I feel good about my recovery progression.

I was glad to see that running through the water cleaned most of the Huntsville State Park trail mud off my Brook Cascadia shoes. Woo-hoo, one less thing to do!

2.25 miles

1.77 miles
16:34 pace

Today's push-up challenge was tough. I struggled with the last two sets and had to take longer than prescribed recovery breaks. Ultimately I finished the quantity of push-up with the addition of 3-4 minutes of recovery.

Push-ups: 100



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