Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring PIM meeting

Today marks the start of my third session as a Power in Motion Coach. I attended the Spring 2010 coaches meeting today.

The program is SOLID as a rock, so there are minimal changes. There were a few new faces and of course, the usual PIM veterans.

Lisa made an official announcement that Coach Vic will be taking over as the program director starting in the Fall. I’m very excited for Vic. His passion for running makes him the ideal candidate for the position.

Speaking of people, I was amazed at the weight loss by several people. Vic and Will don't even look like the same people. Up to this point, I've been proud of my weight loss. I was taken down a couple pegs after seeing the transformations from those men.

June is coaching her first session and is doing great things. I look forward to talking with her. I believe she is eating a more vegetarian diet and she's interested in running an ultra. We will have LOTS to talk about!

Earlier in the day I got a surprise visit from Josh. He has a contract on his house and is looking at homes in the Kingwood area. I wanted to show Josh a part of Kingwood you can’t see from your car, so I put him on Andrea's bike and we went riding. I think our six mile bike ride showed him why so many people love Kingwood.

Trail Bike:
6.45 miles
10.46 mph

No running today, so that I can run with a client tomorrow.

196.0 lbs


junie b said...

thanks bill! i am on day 9 of TOTAL vegetarian.. i am missing fish/seafood a bit now the past 2 days..after its all said and done i think i might end up being a 'flexitarian' :)

ULTRA IN 2011!!!

Humble Runner said...

There are a zillion variations to being a vegetarian. I don't eat any flesh meat or milk, but I consume vegetarian fed-free range eggs and milk products (mostly in the form of cheese). If I could rid those two items I iwould be on a solid vegan diet, but I can't seem to shake eggs and cheese.