Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Noise is everywhere around me. I yearn for the silence of the country.

Andrea and I walked for one-hour. Earlier in the week I downloaded several Endurance Planet podcast onto my iPhone. Since we were walking together I decided to play the podcast on the external phone speaker. I was amazed how much noise surrounded me. The player was drown out by the barking dogs, cars, leaf blowers, and overhead airplanes.

For the last several months I’ve hungered for a simpler life. The noise around me only promotes these feelings.

4.15 miles
16:09 pace

Push-up challenge is sucking! I had to perform modified push-ups on the last two sets. Thirty minutes later I repeated those last two sets with “normal” push-ups. I tried to do a pull-up without success. Very weird

Push-ups: 120 (+52 assisted)
Pull-ups: 0


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