Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's My Heart 5k, plus 6-miles

Early last week I made plans for the family to attend a fund raising 5k to benefit a heart disorder which has affected Steve and Dolan's children.

Yesterday I started thinking about my ability to challenge a three-year old 5k PR time of 23:51. In 2006 I spent a fair amount of time doing speed work, but I also lived with lots of aches and pains. Currently, I’m running lots of mileage without any chronic discomfort. I’ve always wondered which of the two would prevail. I’m confident injury-free mileage would win in a longer race, but there’s a fair amount of essential speed work needed to perform at a shorter distance.

Let me start with the top news. Andrea finished THIRD OVERALL FEMALE with an incredible pace of 7:50. I’m unable to find the official results. I didn’t show her total time because the course measured a lot longer than 5k. Three different Garmin’s recorded a reliable 3.31 mile course.

Personally, I dreamed of a PR for myself, but I did very little to make it a reality. I had a good run, but far from a PR.

We didn’t have anyone to watch Preston, so I was forced to push Preston in his jogging stroller. The four underpasses along the Allen Parkway route proved to be a significant challenge. I was on 7:40 pace during the first mile, but watched the pace slip away with each and every climb. My final overall pace was 8:09.

This isn’t my typical race report, but this wasn’t a planned race like most. I’ll concede to bulleted tidbits about the race:

-Great party
-Happy to see a chip timed race, but can’t find the results
-No overall awards
-Large, odd age brackets. Andrea was in Female 19-54
-Course was inaccurate (nearly ¼-mile long)
-Kid friendly event and great cause

Once we got home we put the kids on their bikes and went for a six mile run. It was an enjoyable run. Still lots of noise, but it was a beautiful day to be outdoors. The warm-up, race, and post run mileage were combined below:

10.01 miles
10:43 pace

1.55 miles
16:10 pace

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