Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A little here, a little there...

As a coach, my mileage now comes in small spurts here and there. In fact, I’m on NOLA taper and I have already met my mileage for the week, yet committed myself to another run Friday. I have no intentions of pushing this marathon, so I’m choosing to listen to my body and giving myself the green light for extra mileage. Everything feels good.

I met with two clients today. The first appointment started at noon. It was a great session and it provided me with a lot of useful information for our future workouts. Today’s sessions looked like this:
• 0.5 mile run to meet the client
• 1.5 mile warm-up
• Dynamic stretching program
• 10 x 30/30’s at 1-mile race pace
• 0.25 mile cool-down walk
• Static stretches
• 0.5 mile cool-down run
• 0.5 mile run home

Later in the evening I meet with Shaina. Her schedule consisted of 2 x 10-minute run/2-minute walk.

I’m proud of both these runners and I’m confident they will meet their goals. Shaina is at the halfway point and has quickly learned how to balance work & family with running. Even though she finds each week’s workout a challenge, she is already “hooked” on running.

All the different numbers complicate matters, so I added everything together.

4.28 miles
12:08 pace

1.01 miles
17:10 pace


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