Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Recovery Run

Shortly after moving to Kingwood I started a secretive relationship with one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creatures, a local red-tailed hawk. Seldom does a week go by without us crossing paths. This week has been no exception; I've seen my friend at least twice every day since Sunday.

For whatever reason, I primary view this bird while running. I spend countless hours walking, cycling, and driving in the area, yet I seldom see him unless I’m in stride. The initial greeting between us has remained the same, he emerges from the depths of a nearby tree and glides fifty yards in front of me . It is obvious he wants his appearance known. Within five feet from the ground he powers upward and perches himself on a nearby tree limb or power line. After his impressive showing of grace and authority he always places himself in open view, as to be admired.

Today this majestic bird kept a close eye over me while I ran the bayou loop. I found myself concerned about the general health of my friend. He seemed a bit tattered, possibly the result of a fight.

The mere sight of the magnificent animal has turned many stale runs into ventures of great enjoyment. Today was no different. This was my first run since my fifty-miler. The hawk made his appearance a half mile into my run. I was so engulfed by his presence that I didn’t worry much about how tired my legs were.

I planned to go out slow and take a quarter-mile walk break between mile one and two. For awhile I was lost in thought and didn't realize I was nearly none. To better the deal I had run at a remarkable pace. Once I reached the scheduled two miles I started walking and as usual, my friend flew back into the forest. I’m not sure how old this hawk is, but I hope we continue our mysterious relationship for years to come…

2.0 miles
9:57 pace

2.45 miles
16:25 pace

Andrea and I decided to be a little silly with our tax refund. Me made a list of all the things we wanted and tried to get as much as we could with the money. We divided the funds into thirds; I got a third, Andrea got a third, and the final third was household and stuff for the kids. Nearly all my portion was spent on my truck. I had a small lift kit installed in addition to new wheels and tires. I know it’s not for everyone, but this is something I wanted. I loved my truck before, but now… WOW, it looks so freaking awesome!

Anyways, the truck as been in the shop all day and I forgot about my promise to run with Shaina tonight. Luckily, she had enough time to wait for me to get home. I didn’t want to tell her, but I had concerns about running again. She doesn’t understand that I am still in recovery mode and have already logged my miles for the day. Shaina's been a trooper, plus I didn't want to let her down, so I kept my commitment to run with her this evening.

The run turned out to be quite pleasant. Truth be known, I think she needed me more today than any other day. She started a new interval schedule of; 4 x 5run/2walk. On top of that it is cold outside and she wasn’t feeling well. As usual, I talked non-stop and kept her mind off the task at hand. She did a remarkable job and I was able to log extra cardio time.

It’s a win-win situation, although I plan to subtract this mileage from tomorrows run. No matter what, I HAVE TO BE SAFE and keep myself injury free.

1.34 miles

16:41 pace


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