Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Recovery Continues

At work today

I spent thirty minutes on the recumbent bike, followed by thirty minutes walking on the treadmill. I felt a slight twinge on the inside of my right knee. The discomfort was mirrored on the left side, albeit considerably less on the opposite knee. Having similar ache’s in both knees tells me it’s probably just post long run soreness.

Recumbent Bike:
7.66 miles
15.32 mph

19:21 pace

When I opened today’s 100 pushup challenge it asked for a three-week “test”. I surprised myself with 30 non-stop pushups. A mere three weeks ago I only managed to complete 17. I’m unsure if I read the workout correctly, but it asked for the full workout after the maximum test. I waited an hour between the two sessions and was able to complete all of the pushups except the last seven. I completed the session with seven modified pushups. Later this evening I completed another seven normal pushups.

Push-ups: 110 (plus 7 assisted)

Pull-ups: 1

Weight: 201.25

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